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Accurate and detailed imaging consultation to help clarify each clinical case

Why choose a chiropractic radiologist?

Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive, yet succinct, imaging consultation reports for the chiropractic physician. Our reports are tailored to the specific needs of the chiropractic physician, and written with those needs in mind. Our reports go above and beyond the detail found in a typical report, to eliminate any degree of uncertainty in the mind of the referring physician. You can expect a detailed description of the findings, including postural information. We will also include any pertinent recommendations for follow-up including further imaging or laboratory studies, or any potential contraindication to manipulation, if necessary. We are available to guide the physician through any complex cases that require further diagnostic work-up.

We allow the physician to focus on the needs of their patient's in a timely manner by completing the consultation report within 24 hours of receiving the images. STAT reviews and telephone consultation is also available, if requested. The radiologist is available by email , telephone, or fax in order to best serve the referring physician and the patient.

We look forward to providing you with the best quality service in order to best serve each and every patient. Our goal is to work with the physician in order to increase the quality of patient care and increase the confidence of each diagnosis, ensuring the best possible clinical outcomes. 







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