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Thank you for allowing us to provide the most comprehensive interpretation of your patient's diagnostic imaging. We provide primary interpretation of your patient's images, as well as second opinion interpretations.

Images may be mailed as conventional films or as DICOM images on a CD.

Digital submission is preferred and available at no cost to referring doctor. X-ray and report submission is 100% HIPAA compliant.  Please call or email Dr. Ruof for digital submission instructions.

Our fee schedule:

Plain film: $20 for the 1st region, $15 each additional region of same patient and date of study.


Additional Information: 

Courier services and a variable fee schedule may be available for practices with high volume. Please call Dr. Erin Ruof at 630.696.6166 or email at for more information regarding these options.

We will digitally submit or fax a PDF copy of the report within 24 hours of receipt of the images. STAT reports and telephone consultation is available, upon request. Additionally, Dr. Ruof will contact the referring physician if there is any finding that requires urgent attention.

Please see the Submission Instructions link for further submission instructions.

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